NeNe’s Sisters Speak Regarding Their Estranged Relationship With Their Sister – Photos and Video


So I guess Phaedra called for NeNe because NeNe came for her on Sunday’s segment of Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5 Part 2 reunion. After a discussion regarding who has stooped the lowest in an attempt to punch their co star in the gut (below the built).

NeNe recalled an incident that occurred during Season 4. She described how Phaedra reached out to NeNe’s 1/2 sisters (her words not mines) in an attempt to gain dirt on the budding star.

It’s obvious that some relationships are still in need of repair. After Part 2 of RHOA 5 Reunion aired, one of NeNe’s sisters took her grievances to FaceBook. If you recall, Ne Ne made it clear that she hadn’t communicated with her sisters in nearly 8 years and that they now wish to reconcile with her. (that she has money?) Continue reading this entry for video and more photos.

NeNe spoke as if she and her sisters decided to reunite; However, comments made by her two sisters Kendle (via Facebook) and Kenya (via Twitter) will lead you to believe otherwise.

Kendle spoke out via Facebook

Kenya spoke out via Twitter


Hey well at least we know ppl can manipulate networks just to get a FREE wedding & exposure SMH

it’s funny how some ppl will lie cheat steal & even throw their family under the bus for FAME #illuminati? No just a #FRAUD

I’m not doin this to defame @NeNeLeakes BUT to clear up the “sex, lies & reality tv” hype to “FAME”

I’m NOT half sis to @NeNeLeakes we have the SAME mother we are biological & she lived with me when she met Greg #KnowAllTheTea

I’m estranged sis of @neneleakes & there’s more than what meets the public or reality tv eye #trust

NeNe responded via Twitter by simply stating:


So basically, NeNe refers to these 2 girls as her 1/2 sisters even though they all were born to the same mother. Some people would refer to them as 1/2 siblings because they are (literally). However, in our neck of the woods, sisters born to the same mom are YOUR SISTERS .

Her sister bares a striking resemblence to Frankie aka Keyshia Cole’s MaMa on this photo Courtesy of SOURCE
30th Annual PaleyFest - 'The New Normal'
A photo of NeNe and her sisters during happier times can be seen below.


People who are familiar with their family’s history insists that the secrecy that the sisters are referencing stem from shady dealings that led to Gregg being exposed for not having the license to work as a property or business manager. The couple is said to be indebted to several family members and that they have made no attempt to rectify what they owe.

This investigative report below gives you a glimpse of how the couple lived beyond their means for the first 2 seasons of the show. It also gives insight on atleast two lawsuits bought against the couple

One thing that I can agree with is hearing NeNe state that she never said that they were rich “just comfortable”. Well she was determined to become a RICH B*TCH and that she did!!


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