Kordell Stewart’s Baby’s Mama is WHO??? Not his WIFE Porsha

When I come open with the customary line ” If you are an avid Real Housewives of Watcher”, you know it’s sure to be followed up by some f_ckery!! Things that make you go HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! or WTF? lol

So if you watched dry ass episode #5 then you know that 31 year old Newlywed Wife, Porsha Stewart is ready to start a family (or at least that’s what the writers have implemented into her story line for this season (which is probably her 1st and last season) Boring A$$ Kelly Bundy! Porsha has a nice body and she’d probably already purchased it before she met Kordell Stewart (Her new husband and former NFL Football Great) and also prior  ho-starring oops I meant co-starring in the Trillville video “Some Cut” .

Porsha mentioned that she wanted to have twins and then she mentioned the name of Kordell Stewart’s son Syre (as her be-loved) Syre. 

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Well it’s

not totally confirmed but sources have noted that Kordell’s son’s mom is no other than Tania.

Remember the chick that appeared on a few episodes of RHOA as Sheree’s “friend” dying to land a permenant spot on the show  offer Sheree friendly advice whenever needed.

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